Sisters’ Tale, The Movie

On a very cold night, a woman embarks on a journey after receiving some news and finds herself in a fairy-tale kitchen with two sister witches. Here, she is witness to a variety of sisters’ stories and a whole world of tastes and flavours. Through the emotions of sisterhood defining their stories and the preparation for a feast, she starts an emotional journey and able to confront her own sister.



The snow has begun again.

Trees are appearing, if but a few.

Next stop is a school in the woods

And after that, the land of fairy tales.

Rumour has it that children are devoured there

Not by the monsters but loneliness.

I’d fight with you there if we were children…

But it’s not important anymore

The cold and hunger make you forget everything

Aside from the curses you’ve showered on me

All that’s left

Is for you to drag me to the depths.

If I lay down here,

If I let go of the weight of the cold

Maybe then

We can fall into a dream that makes us who we are

We can travel through numerous tunnels

And get lost in the dark…”


Screenplay by Seher Ülker Albayrak and Nazlı Eda Noyan